La Gran Muralla Chinese Restaurant is not the typical local Chinese restaurant. This one may be our new favorite for most Chinese dishes. What impressed us most was the number of vegetables you got with the dishes. Typically we’ve experienced a scare amount of veggies but not here. They also served the best fried-rice we’ve had in Cuenca. Very authentic to what you get in the US. The restaurant is clean with plenty of seating. They only serve wine by the bottle. We did try a spring roll as an appetizer and that was the only thing we didn’t love so skip the spring roll. There’s plenty of free parking if you drive and free wifi.

La Gran Muralla Chinese Restaurant

Address: Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional

Telephone: 07 281 0584

Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00 – 9pm, Sun 11:00 – 8pm


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