Yasu’s Fine Dining, Something Special in Cuenca. Are you a foodie? Do you like dining at a chef’s table? If so, you will love dining at Yasu’s house. We were there for lunch and dined along with six others at a contemporary set table complete with innovative place cards. We were served a 7-course meal. Yasu came out and explained each course. He is a gourmet chef who strives for uniqueness. Some of our dining companions have had his meals several times and they told us they never had two things that were the same. Yasu likes to be challenged and is meticulous with the presentation. It takes him 3 1/2 days to prep for one meal. This is a Cuenca food experience you do not want to miss. He serves lunch and dinner Thursday through Saturday. Reservations are a must. You are welcome you bring your own bottle of wine, there is no corkage fee. Lunch or dinner is around $15 (depending on the meal). Yasu will provide a vegetarian option upon request. And while Yasu will cater to any special food needs if he can, I would say to be open. We ate foods that we would never have thought we would like but were amazed at the flavor when we tried them. It’s all about how it’s prepared.

Here are some past sample menus that Yasu served:

Example 1:

  • roasted-beet mascarpone spring roll over tzatziki
  • smoked lentil, tomato confit, warm eggplant, salad dehydrated vegetable leather
  • shrimp tortellini over spring pea soup
  • filet mignon cutlet, chargrilled corn barley salad, bite-size potato-swiss chard turnover
  • palate cleanser
  • sweet potato mont blanc

Example 2:

  • Spinach crepe stuffed with zucchini, tamarind sauce, mango coulis &  miso marinated artichoke
  • vegetarian rice noodle soup w/ eggplant tempura & fizzled onion
  • shrimp dumplings —soy vinaigrette
  • sushi platter – steamed Corvina roll wrapped in thinly sliced avocado, spicy shrimp tempura roll, cured trout, red-wine braised octopus
  • creme brûlée —green tea flavor

Chef Yasu

Email Chef Yasu at yasuandgio@gmail.com and ask to get on his mailing list.

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