La Warmi stands out as you walk down Hermano Miguel since it isn’t often you see the kitchen of a restaurant in Cuenca.  La Warmi is a cooking school and a restaurant.  They offer some unique foods.  We went there during Carnival, so we had to try the fanesca soup.   We’ve been wanting to try this special Holy Week soup since coming to Cuenca.  The soup was very hearty.  We could barely finish it.   The taste was unique with many grains and other ingredients.   I’m not sure how often they have it or if you’ll have to wait until next year, but it was delicious.

La Warmi specializes in Ecuadorian dishes, so this is a great place to try those foods you’ve read about online.  Along with my soup, I had Chicha de Maiz.  You may have heard of the famous Chicha’s where the people in the outback start the fermentation process by chewing the ingredients, so it mixes with their saliva.   Yes, I did verify this was not their method of preparation at La Warmi.  The taste was OK, nothing remarkable but I’m glad I tried it.

Give La Warmi a try for some real authenticate Ecuadorian cuisine.  And be sure to have their chocolate cake for desert.  Very moist and absolutely delicious.

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